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Deep Space 99


=/\= Welcome to Deep Space 99 =/\=

DS99 is the main Head Quarters of Theta Corp, the new face of Temporal Investigations in Star Fleet.  DS99 is commanded by Dr SiĆ“n Dda, the Commanding Officer of Theta Corp. 

DS99 is not just the centre for Theta Corp, it is used by the whole of Regal Fleet, as it is the largest Starbase, in current useage, except from Space Dock and Starbase Echo.

DS99 is always looking for crew to join her, and serve the federation, and protect the time line, please select our crew roster page, to discover what positions are open.

DS99 is the testing site for many of Starfleets temporal technology.  The Command Crew of DS99 are all members of Theta Corp, although. many of the serving officers aboard are from the Navel and Marine Corp of Star Fleet.
Please feel free to look around the site, level 9 clearance or above needed for certain sections.  All ships wishing to dock at DS99 must contact Cmdr Cymru at



Theta Corp