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Theta Corp


History-Section A
Common Anomalies
Time Travel
Command Staff of Theta Corp

The Commanding Officer of Theta Corp is Dr SiĆ“n Dda, a former  Admiral from the 29th Centuary.  He was trapped in this time frame, when he was testing a new form of time travel, it worked, but he was trapped in this time frame.  As his knowledge on Temporal Mechanics  far surpassed those of any serving member of Starfleet, he was offered the job as the new head of Theta.  His reforms have far reached every officer in Theta Corp, with new uniforms, Theta Corp  members have their own sperate identity from fellow Starfleet Officers. 
The Deputy Commaning Officer of Theta Corp is Cmdr Holland.  Holland showed exceptional insight into the Temporal Law.  Formerly a Commad Chain Officer, Dda offered him DCO position, and he accepted it.  Holland left the Navy Corp of Starfleet, and is devoted to protecting the time line of the Federation, as they are the only known Alpha Quadrant power to have it. 
Both Dda and Holland have decided to be stationed aboard the USS AMERICA, the flag ship of  Regal Fleet
The Chief of Theta Security is Cmdr Ezra P Harper. Not much is known of the surve, fast-talking souherner who hides behind an impassive 'poker-face'; as there are no records of the young man's past. However the slight man showed a keen interest in both security and temporal law and along with a quick and impressive mind became a high candidate for the role.

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