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Theta Corp


History-Section A
Common Anomalies
Time Travel
Temporal Corp Charter

Our founding principles

It is now over one hundred years since the USS Enterprise made the first - accidental - trip a few minutes into the past, and the Federation remains the only known Alpha Quadrant power to posses temporal technology. As such, we bear a heavy burden of responsibility. Initially, the experts were convinced that the past must be fixed and immutable - the so called 'law of conservation of reality'. As a result Starfleet began sending historical research missions to several parts of Federation history, but within less than a year it was clear that the past was not in fact fixed, but highly sensitive to change. When another accident hurled the Enterprise into 1966, the crews unintentional interference with the past threatened to jeopardize future history significantly. Although Starfleet began to re-appraise its policies on time travel, historical research missions continued for some time until it became obvious that the dangers were simply too high.

By 2268 Starfleet instituted the Temporal Prime Directive. This policy, like its standard Prime Directive cousin, was a massively complex set of rules which basically boiled down to one sentence : no Federation vessel or crew would willingly jeopardize past history under any circumstances. As a consequence of the TPD, all Federation time travel was halted and the very existence of this technology was classified at the highest possible level. The Federation determined that it would be best if the very existence of temporal technology was quietly forgotten.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. The Federation has since found itself dealing with a bewilderingly wide variety of cases involving time travel via long forgotten alien devices, natural and artificial anomalies, accidents and deliberate sabotage. The Federation response to this situation was the formation of the Temporal Investigation Agency in 2273; officially Temporal Investigations would be responsible for investigating all known instances of time travel, assessing the impact upon the timeline and, if necessary, assigning blame to those involved.

Less well known are the TIA's other roles. These have expanded over the years to include the use of highly classified temporal scanning devices to monitor the creation and state of alternate timelines, engaging in covert activity in order to ensure the lid of secrecy remained tightly closed over all temporal technology, and even acting to restore the timeline after it had been altered by accident or design.

Temporal Investigations continues in operation to this day, and contact with time travellers from the future indicates that it will continue in some form for many centuries to come. This section will detail some of the more intriguing cases that the agency has investigated in its one hundred and two year history.

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