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History-Section A
Common Anomalies
Time Travel
Big bang to 21st Centaury


A general over-view of history.

15 Billion Years Ago

-- The Big Bang: the origin of our universe as we know it, when all the matter which today constitutes our cosmos is thrown outwards in a massive explosion. The superheated material eventually cools and condenses into the material which would become our galaxies, stars and planets. Whilst being hounded by the Q Continuum, Q takes refuge at this point in space-time. The Q who will become known as Quinn briefly transports the USS Voyager to this point in time in his own attempt to escape Q justice.
6 Billion Years Ago

-- The Guardian Of Forever is constructed.
4 Billion Years Ago

-- A race of humanoids develops space travel and begins to explore the galaxy, but they find themselves alone. Despairing at the fact that they will all die forgotten, the species seeds the primordial soup of numerous worlds, including Earth, Vulcan, Qo'noS and Cardassia Prime, with DNA which will give rise to species similar to their own. The genetics of each seed is encoded with part of a message which can be assembled, given the correct combination of genetic factors, informing the child races of their origins.

3.5 Billion Years Ago

-- The first building blocks of life on Earth are created as amino acids combine to form protein.

2 Billion Years Ago

-- The first single-celled organisms evolve on Earth.

-- The civilisation on planet Tagus III reaches its zenith.

87 Million Years Ago

-- The D'Arsay launch an interstellar 'archive' of their culture, designed to preserve their civilisation far into the future.

-- The Organians evolve beyond the need for physical bodies, becoming creatures of pure energy.

600,000 Years Ago

-- The T'Kon Empire becomes defunct when the entity's homeworld is obliterated by a supernova during the Age of Makto. Legends hold that the T'Kon were immensely powerful, to the point of being able to move stars.

-- Sargon's species explores and colonises the galaxy.

500,000 Years Ago

-- The Bajoran culture flourishes.

-- The star Exo begins to fade. Exo III's surface becomes uninhabitable as a result, and the indigenous civilisation moves underground, constructing androids to assist them. At some point, the culture, known to the androids as 'the Old Ones', tried to deactivate the androids, but their creations turned on and killed them.

-- A disaster on Sargon's people's planet rips away their atmosphere, with the only survivors left in statis beneath their planet's surface.

-- War among the Talosians succeeds in rendering their homeworld uninhabitable, driving the survivors underground. Once there, they find life limiting for a once-spacefaring people and so concentrate on developing their mental abilities. They eventually succeed in being able to create lifelike illusions of the mind, which they force onto captive members of alien species.

200,000 Years Ago

-- The Iconians become the dominant power in the galaxy, assisted by their highly advanced transporter technology which, in the form of interdimensional gateways, allowed them to traverse vast interstellar distances in seconds. The technique gave them the name "demons of air and darkness". The Iconian Empire collapsed when subject races appear to have banded together to bombard Iconia itself from orbit.

50,000 Years Ago

-- The Horta of Janus VI begin their most recent cycle of rebirth.

-- On the planet Cheron, Lokai leads an attempted revolution, challenging perceived racial injustice. Convicted of treason, Lokai flees his world, but is persued by Bele. The two will chase each other for millennia.
-- A 'doomsday machine' is created by an extragalactic race fighting a war. The weapon is designed to obliterate the enemy totally, but is intended largely as a bluff. Mistakenly, the weapon is used and annihilates both sides before beginning a journey towards the Milky Way.
45,000 Years Ago

-- A group from an alien race in the Delta Quadrant travels for over two generations to Earth, where they give a group of humans a genetic bonding to help them survive. The aliens call these humans 'Inheritors', whilst the humans call the aliens 'Sky Spirits'.

30,000 Years Ago

-- Civilisation on planet Verath in the Gamma Quadrant reaches its height.

22,000 Years Ago

-- The first of hundreds of archeological expeditions is conducted on Tagus II.

-- The Trill first begin to live as a joined species of humanoid host and symbiont.

12,000 Years Ago

-- During Kurl's Fifth Dynasty, an individual who will be known to later civilisations only as 'The Master of Tarquin Hill' creates a series of naiskos, ceramic figurines containing many smaller figurines, symbolising the belief that the individual is composed of many inner voices.

10,000 Years Ago

-- The machine-god Vaal is constructed on Gamma Trianguli VI.

-- Gomtuu, a sentient space-faring organism, becomes the last of its kind. Its species typically bond with a humanoid crew, but Gomtuu wanders space for millennia.

-- The Fabrini star goes nova, destroying all of the planets in its solar system. The civilisation on Fabrina construct a gigantic space-ark named Yonada to preserve their species.

-- The Q Continuum begins the 'New Era', a period of discovery of humour, science and civilised life across the universe.


-- The Ferengi begin to follow the precepts of capitalism. Grand Nagus Gint codifies the Rules of Acquisition.

-- The first Orb, or Tear of the Prophets, is discovered in the sky above Bajor. Nine more will be discovered over the course of the next ten millennia.

6,000 Years Ago

-- The supercomputer created by Landru on planet Beta III in system C-111 is activated, with the prime directive of always acting for the good of the people.

-- Several humans are abducted from Earth by an unknown agency to serve in a task force which will act covertly on the planet to keep it from destroying itself.

-- An ice age begins on Sigma Draconis IV. The population regresses to a form of Stone Age.

5,000 Years Ago

-- A group of aliens settles in and around the Meditteranean on Earth. Due to their pyschokinetic powers, the aliens come to be revered by the Ancient Greeks as gods. The aliens later departed for Pollux IV after the Greeks outgrew the need for deity worship.

-- Sarpeidon experiences an ice age.

4,000 B.C.

-- The first human civilisations begin to develop along the River Nile. The first tales of Gilgamesh are composed.
-- The Progenitors of Aldea install a powerful cloaking device around their planet, controlled by a computer called the Custodian.

3834 B.C.

-- Flint is born in Mesopotamia on Earth.

-- The star Sahndara goes nova, destroying all of the planets in its system.

This happened at least 2,500 years ago.

630 B.C.

-- The Bajoran prophet Trakor encounters the Orb of Change for the first time. A subsequent prophecy included the words, "...when the river wakes, stirred once more to Janir's side, three vipers will return to their nest in the sky... when the vipers try to peer through the temple gates, a sword will appear in the heavens, the temple will burn, and the gates will be cast open".

400 B.C.

-- Some survivors of the explosion of Sahndara settle on Earth, where they become admirers of Plato.

200 B.C.

-- The survivors of the Sahndara explosion leave Earth and settle on a planet they name Platonius, where they attempt to institute a form of government based upon Plato's Republic. Around six months later, the Platonians begin to develop psychokinetic abilities after absorbing trace amounts of kironide from the planet's environment.

-- Spock's ancestors adopt a ceremonial ground that remains in the family until the 23rd century.
The Star Trek Chronology notes that T'Pau's comments about the ceremonial grounds suggest a timeframe before the Vulcan Time of Awakening (

1st-10th Centuries

-- The Vulcan civilisation undergoes a tumultuous period of war and conflict, wherein telepathic weapons such as the Stone of Gol are employed in savage combat. The school of thought led by the philosopher Surak gains increasing credence, until war, and with it primitive emotion, is renounced by the Vulcans, who embrace a way of life based upon logic. This cultural shift becomes known as the Time of Awakening. Several dissidents, who disagree with the path Vulcan civilisation has taken, depart Vulcan and settle on the planet Romulus, forming the Romulan Star Empire.

-- Planet 892-IV develops a civilisation similar to that of the Roman Empire on Earth.

370 A.D.

-- The Vidiian Sodality falls victim to the mutating, flesh-eating phage, a vicious virus which destroys a victim's very genetic structure.

-- The Debrune, an offshoot of the Romulans, establish a colony on Barradas III.

-- A civilisation of shapeshifters in the Gamma Quadrant becomes weary of being mistrusted and hunted by "solids" (i.e., non-shapeshifters) and decides to found an interstellar empire they call the Dominion, administrating it from a remote planet in the Omarion Nebula. Although the shapeshifters once explored the galaxy, the prejudice against them became too great to bear. Taking the name "changelings", originally meant as an insult but now their accepted moniker, the shapeshifters styled themselves as the "Founders" of the Dominion, creating a genetically-engineered army, the Jem'Hadar, and making them dependent on an enzyme known as ketracel-white to ensure their loyalty. The Founders also super-egineered a timid, ape-like species known as the Vorta to act as their field administrators, after a family of Vorta saved a changeling from being attacked by a mob of solids.

-- Kahless the Unforgettable unites the Klingon homeworld under his banner as he defeats the Fek'lhri. Kahless' strict codes of honour provide the basis for future Klingon society. Upon his deathbed, Kahless points to the sky and says, "Look for me there, on that point of light," claiming that he will return. Later, Klingon clerics set up a monestary on the planet Boreth to await his second coming.

-- War breaks out on Solais V. The conflict will continue until the 24th century, until both sides are on the verge of extinction.

"The Preferred Time-line must be protected, by all means"