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Theta Corp
History-Section A
Common Anomalies
Time Travel


=/\= Welcome to Theat Corp =/\=

In 2385, with the wars behind our Federation, Starfleet saw its Temporal Corp as one of many things that needed to be Changed, the first step was making Captain SiĆ“n Dda its' Commanding Officer.  The name was the next thing to be changed, from Temporal Investigations Corp, to Theta Corp.

Theta Corp was set to follow the founding principles of the Temporal Corp, and to dispell the Gestapo image it had gained in  previous years.  The Temporal Prime Directive must be upheld!!

The Temporal prime Directive, is the most important rule in Starfleet, it must be followed to the exclusion of all other laws of  Starfleet and the Federation, it reads-
" Interventions into the Preferred Timeline will not be tolerated.  The Preferred Timeline must be protected, to the dissolution of all other Federation laws. "
This means all Theta Personnel, can over-rule Admirals, if it can be proved that the Preferred Timeline is in danger of  being corrupted.



Theta Corp is a devision of  Regal Fleet